My original consulting firm interests fall under the banner of technology.  Law2sm, LLC was created to fill a gap in the legal and regulated industries regarding the legalities of online activity – from social media to privacy, from online security to autonomous vehicles and robotics ( 

I currently do this work in partnership with Eric Cook at Digital Risk and Compliance Partners where we offer the Digital Risk Assessment™ tool that assists a company to ensure that their online activity is in line with state laws, federal laws, and regulatory compliance as well as other services.  You can learn more about that here:

In addition I have authored two books in this area published by Butterworth-Heinemann (Elsevier).

The first one is Managing Online Risk, Apps, Mobile and Social Media Security ( Written as a primer about online security, it gives an overview of the different aspects we need to be concerned about as we transact our lives and our businesses online.

A review of this book:

“Those looking for a high-level introductory approach to the topic, yet with significant tactical and practical advice, will find that Managing Online Risk is a good resource.” —Security Management

The second book is Online Security for Business Travelers.  This relatively short book includes a number of checklists to protect you before, during and after your trip.

Some reviews of this book:

“…provides an overview of the security issues involved with using the Internet while traveling…describes best practices based on up-to-date security and risk management articles and surveys.”–Security Management

“…full of useful hints, offering best practice generally for someone in business, besides in personal security. Just as it might be easy to overlook security with the rush of excitement of travel, or simply the rush to get to the plane on time, so it is easier to overlook security on your return home.” —Professional Security Magazine Online

One last area is a catch all for all things related to our online world.  The Internet of Unintended Consequences looks at the intersection of technology and society.  You can explore more on the links below: