Welcome to my portal.  Here you will find pathways to the different areas of my work – professional and community-focused.

You will notice the subtitle to this website is “KOI I AM.”  This relates to the Community tab of the work I enjoy doing.  After serving for a year and a half in the GA legislature I realized that there was still work for me to do and still people I need to serve.  Without an elected position, how would I do so? So I wrote out what I wanted to do – advocate for and on behalf of the community, provide resources where I could, connect people with resources I learned about, and solve problems with solutions that are simple, affordable, effective, and sustaining.  That came out to being a Community Advocate, Resource, and Problem Solver.  In short CARPS.  Didn’t sound too pleasing so I looked at some translations – in Japanese it is “KOI.” KOI are those beautiful multi-colored fish (usually orange and white) in garden ponds. I liked that – so “KOI I AM.”

Under the Law tab you will see that my legal practice has turned to a focus from media to criminal justice reform.

Policy & Politics is not meant to focus on a specific campaign or election cycle.  Instead it is a portal to the policy concerns of my community – voter education & rights, healthcare, education, criminal justice, economic development, constitutional law and freedom of speech, etc. You will however find a link to any current campaign website, etc.

How to get the message out and keep people engaged is always a challenge considering how many media platforms there are.  But I enjoy being on radio and I thought it was a great way to get to those who do not always follow the latest online trend.  When you click the Radio Show tab you will get all the information on my radio show.  Open Records with Deborah Gonzalez is meant to shine light on current news and issues on the national, state, and local levels and show how they relate to what is happening in our everyday lives. It is currently on hiatus as I campaign but we will be back soon.

Technology is where my original consulting firm focused.  Law2sm, LLC was created to fill a gap in the legal and regulated industries regarding the legalities of online activity – from social media to privacy, from online security to autonomous vehicles and robotics. Cyber-bullying, managing online risk, and the Internet of Unintended Consequences (IoUC) are also addressed here. Most of that work is carried out under a joint project called Digital Risk Compliance Partners – or DigitalRCP – with Eric Cook of WSI.