I am an attorney, published author, military daughter, jigsaw puzzle addict, advocate for social & criminal justice, radio show host and a former state representative of GA House District 117 (Athens). I am also a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, and friend.

I have a few guiding principles: transparency, accountability, collaboration and communication. These encompass presence, engagement, and service.

If I were to have a mission statement it would be simply “to serve others,” which involves different efforts depending on who you are and what you need. I do not do everything and I cannot help everyone, as my resources – time, funds, knowledge, etc. – are limited. But there is still much I can do and I have a duty to do what I can.  

You will learn about the different aspects of my life and work by clicking on the different tabs on the menu bar.  Each one focuses on an area of interest or work I am currently pursuing.  Each one includes specific information for that area, as well as the social media accounts I use for it.  I try to be organized by separating the social media accounts. This organization allows you to focus on the interests we have in common instead of those we do not.